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Why choose a Country Comfort Hot Water System?

Black Diamond Supplies - Hot Water Heater Systems for Outdoors

No matter what you hear, what you read and how many portable systems that are on the current market, the Country Comfort is the ORIGINAL, FIRST CERTIFIED (AS2658 SAI) and the first of it’s kind launched in July 2012. To this day it is still the only quality, stainless steel unit on the Australian market. It offers One Simple Solution for Unlimited Applications. Whether it’s for the weekender, ski cabin, horse trailer, stables, dog wash or on the road that you require hot water, the Australian designed Country Comfort Instantaneous LPG Portable Water Heater is the right solution.

It is manufactured and approved to the most stringent Australian standards with 98% efficiency and backed by an industry leading 5yr limited warranty.

Black Diamond Outdoor Supplies also have a range of quality products to get you on your way to your camping and outdoor adventure in comfort!


    • Just purchased a 'Country Comfort' portable LPG water heater as a temporary HWS until my domestic storage unit can be replaced. More than happy with the product and extremely happy with the order/purchase/despatch/delivery - overnight delivery and everyone in the sequence was pleased to assist. The unit is so simple to put into service and so effective that I intend to retain it as a 'back up' shower water heater for my workshop shed. Many thanks everyone !!

      - Eric Street June 5, 2017 at 7:42 PM
    • What a great product and service to boot! First time using ours today and couldn’t get the ignition going, sent a message to Stephen and he had us up and running immediately! 5 stars from me! Never had showers camping before, usually just end up in the drink! 😂 😂

      - Mark Bishop March 29 · Howes Creek, VIC
    • After trailing our country comfort unit at home a few times we finally got to use it while free camping tonight. I have one word.... UNFREAKINBELIEVABLE!!!!!! this system is worth every cent!! After a long day walking around in dust and setting up camp this is exactly what we needed to be fresh clean and ready for a sleep in the swag! I think a few of our camping neighbours will be ordering one soon.

      - Barney Jones‎ March 23
    • Finally got my unit all hooked up and working on my camper. The wife and kids are totally in Love!

      - Barney Jones‎ December 26, 2017
    • Had some lighting the burner problems but after a very quick response to a message and a few elimination of possible causes got hot water again from a four year old system. Got to be happy with that :-D

      - Dane Simmonds‎ October 17, 2017
    • Just purchased one of these online : received a couple of days later. Installed on camper & works like a charm! Thanks Country Comfort Water Heater!

      - Deborah Kellie‎ June 16, 2017
    • Cyclone Debbie might of stole our power, wrecked our beautiful groomed acreages, scarred our homes, scared the living daylights out of us but you didn't get our Country Comfort Water Heater in our outdoor bathroom......aaarrrr....after long days clearing trees and greenwaste a long nice hot shower/bubble bath brings a bit of luxury back to a very traumatic time......even if we have to walk our generator down to the bore to get water!

      - Wild WoollyWhoopee-Pottery‎‎ April 7, 2017
    • We love our hot water unit, it was very popular on our camping trips.

      - Michael Fuerst‎ February 19, 2017
    • Very impressed with the fast delivery! Ordered on Thursday and our unit arrived this morning - Monday morning - to country Victoria. Now we have to find a break in the farm work to get the camp trailer out and give our new Hot Water system a whirl! Thanks!

      - Jo Hotker‎ November 7, 2016
    • This man changed my life. A great unit! 80+ HOT showers from a 8.5 kilo gas bottle. Fully recommended!

      - Karin Mainwaring‎‎ October 6, 2016